Atatürk University


Rector of Atatürk University Prof. Dr. Ömer Comaklı received high school students in his office who came to interview him.
Chairman of Kültür College  Mustafa Kızılyar, Deputy Director İzzet Küçük, Literature Teacher Halide Şenpolat, Physics Teacher Erol Gökoğlan and Press Advisor Hilal Kızılyar and students visited the Rector Çomaklı in his office.
Answering sincerely the questions prepared by the students, Çomaklı gave information about his education, academic career and Rector's duty.
Çomaklı also talked with the students about the studies carried out for the development and progress of Atatürk University. "First of all, I am more than happy to meet and share your excitement and my brothers and sisters on such an event. We are working hard to leave you a more prosperous country which is the future of our country.” said Çomaklı.

“We keep up with the digitalizing world”

Stating that the new tasks and responsibilities imposed on students by digitalization and innovation require specialization Prof. Dr. Çomaklı added: "In this context, we have developed various projects in order to prepare you better for the future while determining the roadmap of our university. In particular, we pay attention to efforts to keep up with the digital world. We develop designs for artificial intelligence. We haven't left the championship in sports events to anyone for years. We organize various activities for our students socially and culturally. Our university is one of the most preferred universities. We continue to work with this responsibility and strive to bring our university to a level that will compete with the world."
Rector Çomaklı thanked the management, teachers and students of Kültür College for an intimate conversation, concluding with the message that commitment to national and spiritual values and humanitarian responsibilities should be the most important criteria among students' career goals.


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