Atatürk University


The Security and Terrorist Specialist Dr. İmbat Muğlu, who came to Erzurum to attend the conference titled “Syrian Civil War on the Middle East Axis” organized by Atatürk University Faculty of Science,  visited Ataturk University Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer  Çomaklı.before the program.

During his visit at the Rector's Office, he thanked Rector Çomaklı for Atatürk University organizing a conference on an important subject such as Syria. Muğlu informed Rector Çomaklı about the issues he would talk about at the conference.

Muğlu stated that it is important for universities to inform young people on such sensitive issues in terms of the future of our country, and that the activities carried out by terrorist organizations should be known to everyone.

Attending the invitation of Atatürk University, Dr. İmbat Muğlu Expressing his satisfaction with Rector Çomaklı stated that as Atatürk University, they focused on such programs at the point of service to the society, and that they used all the means of the university to raise awareness on important issues.

“Our country mobilized all its facilities”

Professor Dr. Çomaklı: “This conference, in which the events in the Middle East will be told with all reality, is very important in terms of enlightening the society correctly. Especially in order to end the human drama that emerged as a result of the civil war that has been going on for 9 years in Syria, and to live in the brotherly land regardless of people's language, religion and race, this conflict must come to an end. Our state; He mobilized all his means to protect the borders, to eliminate the terrorists who wanted to create a corridor for them and to allow civilians in the middle of the war to live safely in their country. As the Turkish people, we should support our state, which continues its rightful struggle in various fields from military interventions to political negotiations. We will continue to contribute to such programs to raise awareness of our society. ”

After the visit, Dr. İmbat Mugla met with students at the conference held in the Cultural Center Blue Hall, the Middle East Axis listeners in Syrian Civil War, the role of Turkey in Syria, the PKK terrorist organization and informed the audience about the current situation in Iraq, Syria and of extension.

The conference, which students followed with interest, ended with a question and answer session.