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Prof. Dr. Hasan Basri Yalcın, the Deputy Chairman of the AK Party, traveled to Erzurum with the intention of engaging in the Science and Engineering Club's World Order and Turkey Program, which was orchestrated by Atatürk University. He was the guest of the rector, Professor Dr. Ömer Çomaklı.

Prof. Dr. Hasan Yalcın was accompanied on his visit by Oya Eronat, the former deputy of the AK Party in Diyarbakır, Fevzi Polat, the Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, and İbrahim Kücükoğlu, the Provincial Chairman of the AK Party.

As he welcomed his companions to the Rectorate office, Professor Dr. Çomaklı provided Yalcın with information regarding Atatürk University and conveyed his contentment with the World Order and Turkey Program.

Rector Çomaklı asserted that since his first day in office, they have diligently labored for the betterment of higher education in Erzurum and the nation as a whole. He further stated that they have effectively executed quality processes, elevated the standard of instruction at the university, and ultimately obtained the designation of Research University.

Prof. Dr. Çomaklı asserted that their scholarly personnel and high-quality education are firmly positioning them for the future. Furthermore, they promised to advance this esteemed institution in collaboration with all its stakeholders, by implementing the measures they have already taken and devising projects for the future.

Scholarlyly observing the activities of Atatürk University, Yalcın asserts that the institution has attained a level of competition with the rest of the world due to its accomplishments.

Prof. Dr. Yalcın, in the presence of Rector Çomaklı, conveyed well-wishes and prosperity to the entire university community, affirming that Atatürk University, which bears a significant national and regional obligation, has effectively accomplished this objective through its transformation.

After the aforementioned visit, Yalcın delivered a speech at the World Order and Turkey Program, which took place in the Blue Hall of the Cultural Center. During the program, Yalcın enlightened the students regarding the World System and the significance and position of Turkey within it.

Yalcın, asserting that the international order is characterized by instability, stated: "Occasional disruptions occur within the world order. Things of the essence are surviving these ruptures. It is necessary to consider how we should adequately prepare for this. In light of numerous external events, Turkey has prioritized the defense industry in recent years and has attained notable accomplishments in this domain. An expansion of Turkey's military and economy corresponds to an expansion of the country's influence on the international stage. To put it briefly, our nation is approaching the point where it can stand on its own. Due to our inability to aid Karabakh in 1991, the people we referred to as brothers were slaughtered. At this time, Azerbaijan has reclaimed its territory after forty-four days of substantial Turkish assistance. "This is how a powerful and influential nation must be conducted."

The program concluded following the students' inquiries.

Directorate of Corporate Communications – October 31, 2023

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