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A visit was paid by Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı to Mayor Mehmet Sekmen of the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality.

In the course of his ongoing consultation visits and efforts to promote the city's development and social welfare, Rector Çomaklı paid a visit to the office of Mehmet Sekmen, the mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality. During this visit, they engaged in a comprehensive exchange of ideas pertaining to the strategic cooperation domains that exist between the two organizations.

Rector Çomaklı: "In the forthcoming period, we shall persist in our collaborative efforts with our Metropolitan Municipality."

Rector Çomaklı asserted that these and analogous visits foster collaborations and prosperity between the institutions, mentioning that they conducted a multitude of joint investigations with the Metropolitan Municipality, a critical stakeholder of the university. "Education and employment of young people constituted a central theme of our meeting.  For quite some time, our objective has been to establish a unified vision regarding vocational acquisition initiatives and training skills programs for young people. In this context, we are developing practices such as providing our students with the opportunity to acquire work experience and benefit from the municipality's field experience. Joint initiatives and events that will enhance the social and cultural fabric of the city were also deliberated. We collaborate with our mayor, Mehmet Sekmen, on an extensive array of endeavors, including seminars, sports competitions, environmental protection initiatives, and artistic gatherings. By adopting this approach, we guarantee the organization of events that enrich the social lives of our esteemed city residents and foster a cultural exchange."

"Our Joint Efforts Continue to Contribute to the Development of Erzurum," said Mayor Sekmen.

Mayor Mehmet Sekmen of the Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality stated that the two institutions' collaboration has significantly contributed to the city's development. He emphasized the significance of cooperation for the betterment of society and expressed enthusiasm for the forthcoming joint projects. Sekmen emphasized that Atatürk University is an indispensable value and an integral part of Erzurum: "In order to contribute to the development of Erzurum, the city of history and culture, and to forge stronger ties with the community, we maintain constant communication with our esteemed educational institution, which is at the forefront of comprehensive progress by integrating science and society. "We will continue to increase the potential of our city in social and economic areas with joint projects and organizations in the coming period."

The visit concluded with expressions of goodwill.

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