Atatürk University


Secretary General of Health Workers Union Osman Çavuş and Branch Chairperson of Erzurum Cihat Çoruh and his administration visited the Rector of Atatürk University Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı in his office. 

Rector Çomaklı emphasized that he was very glad because of the visit. He implied that they have been serving with the mentality of management which uses competence as a basis, and in this direction they will support every project that is benefit for the nation and the personnel to the extent of their power. He said to believe that a mentality of management which concerns with the personnel’s problems and presents the labor facilities in the best conditions will contribute to both the university and the city where the university is to a large extent. 

Prof. Dr. Çomaklı implied that they have had a good communication with the city powers, the industry, the nongovernmental organizations and the syndicates the day when he took office.  He said, “Our cooperations have always been going on. I think we have contributed the city with regard to peace, unity,togetherness up till today as part of this cooperation and we will go on contributing from now on.”

Secretary General Osman Çavuş said that Rector Çomaklı minds the academic members’ and the personnel’s views and expectations and he expresses it in every platform. Çavuş implied,”We are ready to contribute as the syndicate so that the city and the university can unite. We hope that we take advantage of our university in maximum academically. We wish success to our rector and I thank him because of his close interest on behalf of myself and my administration.” 



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