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A new laboratory was established to serve science and society at the Atatürk University Faculty of Dentistry, which was founded with the intention of becoming an internationally renowned research and education institution in the field of dentistry, one of the most vital components of health services.

The R&D Laboratory, which is furnished with the fundamental tools required to conduct R&D in dentistry, was inaugurated by the Rector, Prof. Dr.  Ömer Çomaklı. The opening ceremony was graced by Vice Rectors, the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, Prof. Dr. Recep Orbak, faculty deans, academicians, and students in attendance.

During the inauguration of the laboratory situated in the Faculty of Dentistry building, Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı declared that the establishment, which has been operational for over fifty years, possesses cutting-edge clinics and contemporary educational methodologies, to which an additional laboratory has been added.

"Our laboratory is the nation's largest R&D dentistry laboratory."

"The R&D Laboratory's inauguration is highly significant in furtherance of this objective, as stated by Rector Çomaklı, who underscored the institution's commitment to equipping students with expertise and knowledge in the field of dentistry practice and to bolster research and development endeavors. The recently established research unit will introduce a novel dimension to R&D studies. Our laboratory is the nation's largest R&D dentistry laboratory. It possesses the fundamental tools required to conduct R&D in dentistry. The prerequisites for the sub-units of our Research Laboratory have been ascertained, and substantial investments in infrastructure are anticipated should the necessary resources become available to fulfill the prerequisites. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to bringing the laboratory to our university," said Çomaklı.

Dean Prof. Dr. Recep Orbak emphasized that scientific research in the fields of immunology, biochemistry, and microbiology will advance rapidly with the establishment of this new entity within the faculty.

Prof. Dr. Orbak made the following remarks: "Our laboratory is equipped with mechanical testing devices, including tensile tension devices, and ongoing infrastructure investments will supplement the research laboratory's inventory with digital systems that facilitate micro-CT and imaging. Our university will have access to our R&D Laboratory's Mechanics, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality, Micro CT, Pathology, Microbiology, Microscope and Imaging, and Cell Culture Laboratories. Additionally, researchers from other universities or industries will be permitted to utilize the facility. We are profoundly grateful to our esteemed Rector Professor for his monetary and moral assistance in transforming our aspiration into an R&D laboratory. "I would like to thank all the academic and administrative staff of our university, especially Ömer Çomaklı."

After the laboratory's inauguration, Rector Çomaklı was granted a comprehensive visit and was provided with detailed information by officials of the unit. Rector Çomaklı underscored the enduring provision of material and moral assistance for the laboratory's continued progress and expressed his hope that the unit would prove advantageous.


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