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Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı came together with the instructors of Faculty of Communication in order to give information about the activities of the 1st stage of the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project which has been put into practice within the framework of the New YÖK Vision and to make some investigations.

Rector Çomakli, who met with academics working in the Departments of Journalism, Public Relations and Publicity and Radio-Television and Cinema, was accompanied by  Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Nihat Yatkin, Dean Of Faculty Of Communication Prof. Dr. Naci Ispir and BAP coordinator and Rector Advisor Prof. Dr. Attila.

Rector Çomaklı stated that great efforts were made to bring a new building to the faculty and students of the Faculty of Communication. He said that the expression of satisfaction on the faces of the students made him happy when the faculty started the 2019-2020 academic year in the new building.

Rector Çomaklı stated that the Faculty of Communication should accelerate its activities in its own building and that the faculty's young and strong academic staff and modern infrastructure are sufficient to realize this.

Stating that universities are the kitchens of the countries, Rector Çomaklı emphasized that the information produced here should be transformed into social benefit.

Stating that leading the society is among the duties of academicians, Rector Çomaklı said: “Each of us has responsibilities to our people. For the unity of our country and the unity of our nation, we must act with the awareness of this responsibility and contribute to our country. We should focus on originality, nationality and producing our own values in our studies directed towards higher education in the country. The information we produce should provide benefit to the society. In this direction, our faculty members should contact the city. It should exchange information with local and national press and develop collaborations. Only in this way can we fulfill the mission of ‘pioneering’. We only pay our debt to our people with what we produce. At this point, we have high expectations from the Faculty of Communication. I am confident that Atatürk University will put forward the name of Atatürk University in every platform with the students and projects to be developed by this young academic staff. ”

The visit ended after the question and answer section.


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