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Atatürk University Continuing Education and Application Center (ATASEM) and the authorities of Pearson Academic English Test (PTE Academic) visited Rector of Atatürk University Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı.

Head of ATASEM Prof. Dr. Lokman Turan, Coordinator of Atatürk University International Language Testings Teaching Assistant Cengizhan Akdağ, Head of PTE Academic Turkey Sale and Business Development İpek Sarı Aydın and Expert of PTE Academic Turkey Operation and Business Development Fatih Özer were present during the visit which took place in the office of the Rector.

Rector Çomaklı: “Foreign Language is a must to be integrated with the world.” 

Rector Çomaklı referred that Atatürk University is a foundation, the background of which has been completed about Foreign Languages. He said, “ We are very assertive in the field of Foreign Language Education. We allow for both our students and our academicians who wish to benefit from this service. We must learn a foreign language so as to be integrated with the world. The world is changing and there are no boundaries in the globalising economy any more. In this century, only accumulation of knowledge and experience is not enough . Besides, it is shown that knowing a foreign language very well is one of the necessities. Moreover, it is necessary to specialize in a second foreign language after reaching a certain level in a foreign language. We have a target to be one of the most succesful 500 universities in the world. In order to reach this target, learning a foreign language is indespensable for us.”

Rector Çomaklı expressed that Atatürk University opens its door to not only the students and the academicians but also everybody that wishes to learn a foreign language, and thanked the authorities of ATASEM and PTE Academic.

Atatürk University is one of 8 Testing Centers in Turkey

Head of Atatürk University Continuing Education and Application Center (ATASEM) Prof. Dr. Lokman Turan said that there are totally eight testing centers in İstanbul, Ankara, Denizli, Adana and Erzurum in Turkey. He added that Atatürk University has been providing the service of the international language testing since 2015.

Coordinator of Atatürk University International Language Testings ,Teaching Assistant Cengizhan Akdağ expressed that the sessions will be increased as from October and announced on the web page of our university. Akdağ reminded that the candidates from all over Turkey and abroad have been coming to Erzurum so as to take the exam. He finished his words by saying that they teach courses aimed at this exam in ATASEM and try to support so that the candidates can be successful through these courses.

What is PTE Academic? 

Head of PTE Academic Turkey Sale and Business Development İpek Sarı Aydın shared her knowledge about PTE Academic and said that Pearson Academic English Testing is an international English testing which evaluates four languages skills by way of soft computing and is equal to ÖSYM, has got the most frequency in its own field, and gives the final report in the shortest time.

Aydın caught the attention that the result of PTE Academic Testing can be used with the aims such as postgraduate, doctorate, associate professorship, passing the preparatory class in the country or overseas education and in the applications for the immigration to Australia and visa. She expressed that there are special biometric security controls such as palm scanning, CCTV surveillance systems; reporting the score within maximum five days; having the testing sessions frequently, and added that every stage must be digital from registration stage to score report. She verbalized that speaking and writing skills are evaluated by way of soft computing based on completely data and therefore, score reliability and consistency are very high.


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