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The members of the Erzurum Women's Unit of Yedi Hilal Association, established in Istanbul in 2012 in order to educate generations based on the values of our civilization, having developed moral values, liberal, conscientious, accumulative and equipped and to ensure that these characteristics are permanently established and maintained in society through this growing generation, visited Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, Rector of Atatürk University.

The members of the Women's Unit, including students and members of Atatürk University, informed Rector Çomaklı about the association and the unit. The members of the unit, who were able to analyze the agenda well with the structure of ideas and beliefs in every segment of the society, who were scientifically equipped and who had cultural and artistic background said that they acted in order to contribute to the development of the exemplary women with their Islamic identity. They also expressed their gratitude to Rector Çomaklı for their hospitality and asked for their support.

“University Ladies are Important for the Future of Our Country”

Rector Çomaklı said that he was pleased with the visit of the Women's Unit of Yedi Hilal Association, and that the activities of the Women's Unit of Yedi Hilal Association, who will be able to take the initiative with high spiritual equipment and be aware of their own civilization, are of great importance for the future of our country.

Rector Çomaklı said that Atatürk University is pleased to cooperate with all STKs that are in service and together with young people and stated: “We are a university working with young people in a solution oriented way on the issues that concern young people. All our students, regardless of language, religion or race, are valuable to us. We are trying to eliminate the problems of our students who are entrusted to us by families. In this sense, I would like to thank all the STKs that supported us with their activities in the presence of the Yedi Hilal Association.”



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