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Initial visitors were welcomed to the Agricultural Museum, which was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı in the Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Department building, which was situated in direct opposition to the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Agriculture at Atatürk University.

The initial visitors to the Agricultural Museum, which houses machinery and equipment historically employed for agricultural and educational purposes, were children. They attentively observed the processing areas of agricultural tools and the agricultural products themselves.

Twelvety students in the second, third, and fourth grades from Sabancı Primary School, an educational institution situated on the campus of Atatürk University, paid a visit to the Agricultural Museum. The museum boasts an extensive collection of artifacts and furnished visitors with knowledge pertaining to historical agricultural techniques and implements.

The dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Önder Çalmaşur, provided a comprehensive explanation of agricultural history to the students using antiquities from the Agricultural Museum. He expressed delight that the museum's inaugural visitors were young students.

Dean Çalmaşur asserted that the Agricultural Museum, an institution that will be open to all segments of society and serve as a repository of institutional memory, is a significant asset for future generations, particularly for children who are nascent to agricultural processing and are unable to observe antiquated implements.

Prof. Dr. Çalmasur: "All of the tools present in this room were in use forty, fifty, or even one hundred years ago. Those who owned these implements cultivated their fields. Resistance to the rapid pace of societal change has become an impracticable endeavor. This museum is an investment that demonstrates our origins, safeguards and preserves our cultural heritage, shapes our identities, and educates future generations about history. We express our gratitude to Rector Ömer Çomaklı for his substantial contribution to the funding of this endeavor and for his ongoing support. We extend an invitation to individuals ranging in age from seventy to visit our museum."

Directorate of Corporate Communications – February 21, 2024

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