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Atatürk University, which has taken a break from its activities due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), which has influenced the whole world, has discussed the future planning of the Faculty of Medicine in the "Medical Education Evaluation, Innovation and Development Workshop" organized after taking all necessary measures.
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Fatih Albayrak who started the opening speech of the program by stating that Atatürk University Faculty of Medicine has been one of the most established faculties of higher education in the country in the field of education, research, and healthcare provision since 1962 remarked that the Faculty of Medicine, which provides high-level healthcare services not only to Erzurum but also to the region, is a pioneer in the fields of education and research.
Prof.Dr. Albayrak stated that with the English Medical Program opened in 2009  and with its students from 30 different nationalities, the faculty has increased its influence and added ''Atatürk University, which continues its activities with the vision of the New Generation University, makes important contributions to higher education in our country and prioritizes the“ Search for Common Mind.In this context I wish good luck with “Atatürk University Medical Education Evaluation, Innovation and Development Workshop” to our faculty, university and country, which will cover many topics, from our faculty's  perfection and competence to its weaknesses and strengths, to the expectations and suggestions of our colleagues. ”
“A Lifelong Education Model Should Be Adopted”
Rector of Atatürk University Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, starting his speech by stating that medical education, whose main purpose is to keep public health at the highest level and to train good doctors, is not an education completed by a 6-year period at faculties remarked that with the global threats, new treatment methods and techniques, and with the increasing importance of human and social psychology, and the need for interdisciplinary work requires the adoption of a lifelong education model in medical education.
“New Methods Based on People and Society Should Be Developed”
Rector Çomaklı emphasized that abandoning classical education models is another requirement in medical education and stated '' It is obvious that a medical education that focuses only on technical and professional issues will lead to the training of doctors who increasingly see people as a case, and that new paradigms towards the needs of the society and focused on human and society are needed in medical education.This situation has shown its importance much more clearly during the pandemic period.It is possible to see how intensively science branches such as psychology, sociology, and communication are used, considering the policies of our Ministry of Health, which are examples to the World in combating the epidemic. ”
“We Established Two Simulation Training Centers For Our Faculty”
Rector Çomaklı stated that in addition to important basis investments to support and strengthen education in the Faculty of Medicine, lastly two simulation training centers were established with a considerable budget in the field of health sciences and said ''In this context, I think that in this workshop where our ministry's policies and distance education opportunities and the future of medicine education were discussed, there will be important references for you regarding the epidemic process we are experiencing.On this occasion, I would like to thank the dean of the Faculty of Medicine and everyone who contributed, by bringing together the stakeholders of the subject to talk about medical education and creating a nice dialogue environment with the vision of forming a common mind, and wish the workshop to be beneficial. ”
Following the opening speeches, the program continued with the discussion of the workshop agenda and ended with the discussion of the topics.
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