Atatürk University


 Ata Ice-Museum, projected and considered as a necessity for the mission of supporting  art and artist by New Generation University Design and Transformation Project is opening on 15th July .

Ata Ice Museum which was built in cooperation with the attempt of  the Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı and support of Northeast Anatolia Development Agency (KUDAKA) and finished after 18 months has the feature of being the only ice-museum of Turkey.

Being Turkey’s only represent of ice museums which exist in many cities such as Fairbanks, Moscow, Bristol, New York, Jeju Island and Harbin, in Ata Ice Museum within the Faculty of Fine Arts  the sculpture made of ice will be made and exhibited for 12 months at -5 degrees Celsius. Also with 8 ice-making machines, 16 ice mold makers ,400 square meters of exhibition space ,there is also a living space where the visitors can socialise and drink tea.

It will be Opened on July 15th 

In Ata Ice Museum which will be opened in the 4th anniversary of  July 15 coup attempt, the dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts Prof. Dr. Mustafa  Bulat and his team will show “Maan-Ice” exhibition that emphasize the meaning and importance of the date.

The “Maan-Ice” exhibition prepared to keep the resistance ,unity and willpower shown in July 15 coup attempt and our heroic martyrs in memory and  to draw attention to the struggle will bring the ice works and visitors together.


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