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Prof. Fahrettin Öztürk, President of R & D and Prototype Operations of Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc. (TUSAS), visited Prof.  Ömer Çomaklı, Rector of Atatürk University, when he came to Erzurum in order to attend the Turkish Aerospace Industry R & D Days organized by Atatürk University and Erzurum Technical University between 25-27 December.

On the first day of the program, started at Erzurum Technical University, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, TUSAS R & D and Prototype Operations President, who participated in the Turkish Aeronautical and Space Industry R & D Days program, Dr. Fahrettin Öztürk gave information about the activities of TUSAS, R & D and Nationalization.

On the second day of the program; Student Teams Exhibition and TUSAŞ University-Industry Cooperation activities and TUSAŞ Innovation activities were organized, at Atatürk University Ata Technocity. On the second day, the program ended with the DAYTAM and YÜTAM tour of the TAI delegation.

Prof. Çomaklı gave information about R & D studies carried out in Atatürk University Ata Technocity when he met with Prof. Fahrettin Ozturk at the Rectorate.

"R & D Activities Increased with University-Industry Collaborations"

Rector Çomaklı pointed out the methods to be applied in order to accelerate the R & D activities with the transformation of academic knowledge into technological products and the transfer of technology with the establishment of new high-tech-based companies and said that R & D activities have increased noticeably thanks to the projects realized by University-Industry collaborations.

Rector Çomaklı emphasized that Atatürk University continues its efforts to accelerate the R & D and innovation activities in order to reach the target point within the framework of 2023 vision in a short time. “Scientific developments and technological advances are one of the most important factors determining the welfare levels of today's societies. In order to become a country that can compete in the international arena, it is necessary to make national production based on R & D together with science and technology. We are working with all our academicians to develop our country in every field and to reach an advanced technological level. ”

“Strong R & D Infrastructure Should Support This To Accelerate Nationalization”

Prof. Öztürk said that there is a great need for universities for high technology and thank to Rector Çomaklı for his hospitality and support for the Turkish Aerospace Industry R & D Days

Öztürk said that one of the most important ways to survive would be to be competitive and that there should be a strong army of technology behind it. But this is such a long and difficult process that it takes serious effort to achieve it.

Visit ended with the gift presentation by Rector Çomaklı to Prof. Öztürk

TUSAŞ R & D Days, organized in cooperation with Atatürk University and Erzurum Technical University, will continue today at Ata Technocity with “Patent Engineering Seminars”.

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