Atatürk University


Ataturk University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was accredited after result of the evaluation made by Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Educational Institutions and Programs of Veterinary Medicine on behalf of Higher Education Quality Council.

It has been registered that the faculty of Veterinary Medicine which was examined in terms of the  parameters such as the physical conditions, education opportunities, effective usage of resources, research and development activities ,biosafety applications and the sufficiency of administrative and academic staff in the educational process of Veterinary Medicine profession, provides education on international standards.

Noting that the number of Veterinary Faculty in our country has increased rapidly and so quality and opportunities of education have been questioned, Prof. Dr. Hamza Avcıoğlu stated that the importance given to accreditation studies has increased and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine which succeeded in many important studies not only for the university but also for its region and county has ensured quality of education at national level and it has speeded up the studies for the registration at international level in 2021.

The education provided has been guaranteed 

Expressing that being registered by independent  institutions that the faculty has provided the veterinary medicine education at  national and international standards is important, Ataturk University Rector  Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı said that reaching the standards is not easy and the  faculty of veterinary medicine needs to carry on its education activities without  leaving these standards. Thus, the students who complete the education of  veterinary medicine successfully will graduate with professional knowledge and  skill and that the education provided has been guaranteed with accreditation certificate.

Rector Çomaklı emphasized that the accreditation of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine by the Accreditation Association of Veterinary Medicine Educational Institutions and Programs (VEDEK) is of great importance for a wide geography where it serves, especially for Erzurum and he said: “ As in all faculties, institutes, colleges and vocational schools at Atatürk University, in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine we are giving great importance to applied educations which we see as the supplement of education-training. Since the day we took up this position, we have had successful results in many projects which we launched for agriculture and livestock sector. Especially the mobile veterinary hospital which serves within our faculty of Veterinary Medicine has become to be a great help for our region. In addition to this, Atatürk University, which has the largest Animal Hospital in the region, also serves the surrounding provinces. With this accreditation, our Faculty of Veterinary Medicine which provides education at national and international standards continues to grow and strengthen with firm steps. I hereby congratulate everyone who contributed to the process, in particular the dean Hamza Avcıoğlu and wish them a continued success.”

Stated that the accreditation process has started in Faculty of Medicine the Rector Çomaklı informed that the faculty of medicine which is in a leading position at the university and has great importance for health sector will be accredited soon.