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In June, an evaluation meeting was held within the CHE Academic Mobility Project's scope, officially started by the Council of Higher Education (CHE).  Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı also attended the meeting, which was organized online under the leadership of CHE President Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar.

Steps have been taken for the CHE Academic Mobility Project, which aims to provide lectures by scientists trained in deep-rooted universities to meet the need in the fields where universities established after 2006 have difficulties in recruiting faculty members. Until June 24, 2022, universities had notified the Council of Higher Education in which undergraduate and graduate programs or fields were needed for faculty members in the 2022-2023 academic year. After this date, CHE evaluated the necessity, determined the roadmap of the project and started to implement it.

Thanks to the Project, the Relationship Between Universities Will Develop

Commenting on the subject, CHE President Prof. Dr. Erol Özvar: “With the project, the educated academic staff and experience of our relatively well-established universities will be made available to our universities in Anatolia, which are just at the beginning of the road. On this side, our students will have the opportunity to meet with academics from different academic climates, while on the other hand, the relations between the academic staff of different universities will be improved. Moreover, Young faculty members of our universities, who have not yet completed their development in academic staff, will be able to benefit from senior academics from our well-established universities. Another important output of the project will be the opportunity to give lectures at our newly established universities, to keep their knowledge alive, and to meet with our students more, especially academics who cannot give lectures in some departments of our well-established universities or who can take more or fewer courses.

Assignment will not not be Less Than One Semester, No More Than Four Semesters

Stating that the academicians involved in the project will be appointed with the decision of the university administrative board and the approval of the rector for less than one semester and not more than four semesters, Prof. Dr. Özvar added that according to the location and characteristics of the institution where he will work, the appropriations and other rights benefited by the employees of that institution, and temporary duty travel according to the Allowance Law No. 6245, will be paid from the university budget where the academicians will work.

“This Mobility Will Accelerate the Higher Education of the Country”

Stating that he found the CHE Academic Mobility Project very meaningful and valuable in order to strengthen the relations between universities, share academic experiences and provide students with different perspectives, Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı said that with the provision of mobility, the country's higher education will gain even more momentum and that both academic staff and students will gain significant gains with this mobility.

The meeting ended with the planning of the next phase of the process.


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