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The accreditation procedures for five programmes from the Faculty of Agriculture are still ongoing at Atatürk University, which grants accreditation to new faculties and programmes on a daily basis.

Due to its successful studies conducted as part of the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project, Atatürk University, which is still striving for excellence in modern, high-quality education, is still recognised by independent institutions and organisations.

The Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Agricultural Faculties Education Programmes (ZİDEK) concluded its inspections and examinations of the field visits conducted by ZIDEK officials, who were at Atatürk University from May 22–24 as part of the procedures for accrediting the departments of horticulture, plant protection, field crops, soil science and plant nutrition, and animal science of the Faculty of Agriculture.

In order to award the International EUR-ACE label, ZIDEK was also being observed by the "European Network For Accreditation Of Engineering Education" (the EUR-ACE® label is a certificate). As a result, the accredited departments of the Faculty of Agriculture will gain international recognition by using the EUR-ACE label.

Following the visits, the team convened with Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, Rector of Atatürk University, to assess the accreditation procedure in collaboration with academicians and faculty administrators.

During the meeting that took place in the Rectorate Senate Hall, Rector Çomaklı gave an assessment of the matter after the evaluation team had read the final declaration and shown it to the deans and heads of departments. He said that the accreditation of departments and faculties contributes value to the university and that accreditation practices are effective in ensuring the continuity of social contribution.

When determining their preferences and career objectives, students give priority to accredited departments.

Rector Çomaklı underlined that an accredited department gives students a more dependable education and enhances the likelihood that graduates can find employment, stating that if accredited, seven of the ten departments of the Faculty of Agriculture will be accredited along with the current five departments: When a candidate has graduated from an accredited department, employers are more assured. Accredited departments are also a trustworthy resource for advice for students and their families. Students emphasise recognised departments in their career plans and preferences because of this. With this knowledge in mind, we keep moving forward by looking for solutions to the problems of how to raise the standard of education offered by our university. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who helped our Faculty of Agriculture's procedures come to a successful conclusion.

Directorate of Corporate Communications - 24.05.2024
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