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Organized by Atatürk University Career Planning and Graduate Tracking Application and Research Center (ATA KARMER) with the participation of student club advisors, “Our Student Clubs Workshop within the Framework of New Generation University Vision” was held on 17-18 May 2021.

The workshop started with the opening speeches of Atatürk University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa SÖZBİLİR and Career Planning and Graduate Tracking Application and Research Center Manager Assoc. Dr. Neslihan Kulözü Uzunboy. It continued with the speeches about the program of  ATA KARMER Deputy Director Dr. Lecturer Aslı Yılmaz, Human Resources Office Coordinator Assoc. Dr. Salih Börgeçine Avci, Faculty of Medicine Faculty Member and Student Club Advisor Prof. Dr. Ahmet Nezih Kök and Atatürk University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Atilla KESKİN. The opening speeches and invited speakers section of the workshop were broadcast live on the official Youtube channel of Atatürk University and recorded in a way that can be watched over time.

Within the scope of the workshop, knowledge production was carried out with the focus group technique with the participation of faculty members working as advisors of student clubs. When the information produced under the title of Student Clubs within the vision of the New Generation University Design and Transformation Project is categorized; It was observed that the subjects of student clubs, student club consultancy and adaptation of student clubs to the vision of New Generation University came to the fore. It was emphasized that the topics discussed during the workshop and categorized under these main headings will be presented in detail in the final declaration being prepared.

Rector Çomaklı: "ATA KARMER Strengthens the Bond Established with Our Students"

 Emphasizing that Career Centers are very important for universities, Atatürk University Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, on the other hand, stated that this unit, which was established to strengthen the belonging of students and graduates, undertook important works within Atatürk University: “ATA KARMER, which is one of the studies we have implemented within the framework of the vision of the new YÖK, continues to contribute to the institutionalization of our university and the bond established with the students. I wish the workshop organized within this scope to be beneficial and I thank those who contributed ”.
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