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Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı, the rector of Atatürk University, released a message to the public in honor of Teachers' Day on November 24. These are some of the points that Rector Çomaklı made in his message:

Everything begins with knowing; to know is to be; to be is to exist; to realize; to move on; to grow; to transform; to solidify.

Taking action based on what one understands is a path, and one needs a guide to navigate this path. The goal of this trip is to share what's inside each traveler, learn from experiences along the way, and improve as a group.

In the very first verse of the Quran, we are told to "Read." Our teachers will have laid the groundwork for the future by shaping the minds of the brilliant people who will one day labor and create so as not to fall behind their contemporaries or competitors.

Our teachers work hard to reach and exceed Turkey's 2023 goals and to have an impact on the next generation.

As members of the education community, in which we take great pride, we are gratified to watch each of the young people we have helped shape take their place in Turkey's new vision, like the strong trunk of a plane tree from which fresh branches grow.

Without a question, our country's teachers laid the groundwork for our nation to confidently assume its position in the world. All the teachers who have helped us along the way are honored on November 24th, Teachers' Day.

Prof. Dr. Ömer ÇOMAKLI, RECTOR, 

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