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The Rector of Atatürk University Prof. Dr. Ömer Çomaklı gave forth a message because of 29 October Republic Day. Rector Çomaklı said in his message: 

Turkish Republic which has advanced growing day by day with the aim of “leaving contemporary nations behind it and that has been founded on the key provision “Sovereignty rests unconditionally with the nation” celebrates the 95 th anniversary. 

Our dear nation declared all the world with its blood and life that its freedom won’t ever be fettered and nobody will take part in its own fate with the establishment of Turkish Republic which was a sign of being born out of the ashes again and rearing of a noble nation which has preferred dying to making concessions to its freedom and pride for centuries.  

Soul which carried our Independence War to the victory and brought our Republic to life is still standing today as it was 95 years ago. Our young people,the youth of Atatürk University, whom Republic has been entrusted willmake “Great Turkey which has been advancing” enduring ever more and protect the gains of our Republic everlasting. 

I celebrate 29 October Republic Day. 

On this wise, I commemorate notably the founder of our Republic,the victorous commander of our Liberty War Gazi Mustafa Kemal and all the veteran soldiers with thankfullness and honor and wish  God’s mercy and grace to our heroic martyrs who have been dead and buried so as to defend this sacred homeland for a thousand year as if they entered to “a rose garden”. 

                                                 Prof.  Dr. Ömer ÇOMAKLI



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