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View into the  future

Ataturk University has set a slogan (In the Service of Life, always forward...) reflecting its mission and vision.

"In the Service of Life" refers to the mission area and "Always Forward" refers to the field of vision.

‘In the service of life’ is  associated with the tree of life in the logo of the university , and the concept of ‘always forward’  is also associated with the gaze of the double-headed eagle in the logo.

The university, which considers educational, research and contribution missions to society in a holistic way, also makes sense of its vision and mission in terms of integration.


In the service of life

Our mission is to contribute to the region and the country, to carry out high-tech design and innovation activities, to educate qualified individuals through formal and distance education and to enhance the value of science and art universaly.


Always forward

As it has constantly developed itself, our vision is to be a ‘pioneer like the name’ and a new generation World university in transformations in its region.

Atatürk Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü
25240 Erzurum
Rectorship: +90 442 231 1111
Faculty of Open and Distance Education: +90 850 255 0282
Research Hospital: +90 442 344 6666
Clinical Dentistry: +90 442 236 0944

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