Atatürk University


Founded in 2017, the Psychological Counselling and Guidance Application and Research Center aims to help undergraduate and graduate students of Atatürk University to get to know themselves better, to make healthy decisions, to develop problem solution skills by becoming aware of the sources of their problems, to gain effective communication skills, increase academic success, to adapt to the university life and improve themselves socially, emotionally, cognitively and professionally. This process takes place in one-to-one interviews/consultations between individuals and expert psychological counsellors and psychologists of our center. All interviews are conducted under the principle of ‘confidentiality’ and no personal information can be shared with any other unit or institution.

In order to benefit from the services provided by the psychological counselling and guidance application and Research Center, you can make an appointment by coming to our unit individually or by contacting us via our website. All services at our center are free of charge for our university students. Click here to contact us.