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Atatürk University has prioritized four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in its choice of success zone. These are healthy individuals, qualified education, accessible and clean energy and terrestrial life. The University will align its other focus areas and strategies to support these four areas.
Within this framework, in the future orientation of Atatürk University; priorities are envisaged in the fields of Medicine and Health Sciences, Education, Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.
Atatürk University has three main themes in priority areas. These are entrepreneurship and pioneering, internationalization and large-scale impact generation. Our university aims to apply innovations in the field of higher education and to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem. It aims to serve the region and country where it is located by creating various opportunities from high technology entrepreneurship to social enterprises. It will also improve internationalization through international students, faculty members and activities. The third theme of our university is to continuously increase the effect and scale of the activities carried out on a large scale with the help of digital technologies.
There are 35 Research and Application Centers in our University; scientific meetings are organized in line with the suggestions of internal and external stakeholders. Priority areas established in this scope are identified as follows:
Biodevices, Medical Machine Tools and Devices
Biomimetic Studies
Biotechnology and Drug Phase Studies
Molecular Biology and Genetics
Food Safety and Technologies
Organ Transplantation Diversification
Health tourism
Robotics and Mechatronic Systems (Robot Technologies Application and Research)
Defense Industry (Materials and Process Technologies)
Sports Science and Technology
Renewable Energy Sources
With its strong academic staff, advanced technological facilities, well-equipped research and application areas and advanced physical infrastructure, Atatürk University is competent in the fields of science, health, social and educational sciences and fine arts at regional scale and has an important position at national scale.
Adopting the principle of maximizing social contribution by integrating educational and research outcomes, Atatürk University has the priority to develop and strengthen research programs that will create added value to the regional and national economy and contribute to universal science in the context of its national and international activity, recognition and acceptability.
When the scientific performance of Atatürk University is examined, it is seen that the researches are mostly in the fields of Medicine and Health Sciences, Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

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