1.      Establishment Date: the Seventh ofJune,1957

2.       Kind of University: Public University

3.       State of Education: Turkish-English

4.       Campus City Center Main Campus

5.       Academic Units: 23 Faculties, 1 High School, 1 Conservatoire, 12 Vocational High Schools, 8 Institutions, 25 Research and 

25 Application Centers

6.       The Number of Students:210.000

7.       The Number of Grad Students

8.       The Number of Academic Staff

9.      The Number of Administrative Personnel



Atatürk University contributes the sustainable growth at the regional and national level, makes analyses and synthesizes, applies what is learnt, has got the graduates who own the abilities of communication,teamwork and leadership. It has got the employees who can solve the problems and produce knowledge and technology at the international level, have got the enthusiasm of learning and teaching. Atatürk University presents the knowledge and service which it has produced to the benefit of society with all its employees and gradutes. 

Institutive Values and Principles: Scientificness and constructive thought; placing importance on labor and merit; participation and sharing; encouraging the innovation and growth; dependence on the national and universal values;respect for the right and thought differences between people; social, cultural,historical and artistic susceptibility.


The emblem of Atatürk University is Seljukian eaglewith double-headed. The figure consists of two eagles conjoined ventrally and tree of life, double dragons at the bottom.  Pointy ears, a crooked beak, a ptosis under the beak, big wings, a tail and talons are seen in the figure of double-headed eagle conjoined ventrally which was common in Anatolian Seljuks. The body is fat. 

Eagle was regarded as sanctus by ancient Turks. Shamans believed that the double-headed eagle arose from the eagle’s mating with a woman. Eagle was accepted as the protective soul and the plumes and scepters were used as the symbol of power and nobleness. Ruby Turks believed that there was a legendary double-headed eagle as a gatekeeper at the top layer of the sky. On the other hand, Seljuks used it as an amulet, a talisman, a protective factor,the symbol of power and wealth.

As for tree of life , it is one of the most important figures in the Seljukian architecture. There is a couple of dragons under tree of life. Tree of life is completed with the couple of dragons which are double-headed eagles and gatekeeper creatures. Tree of life was accepted as the center of the world by ancient Turks. According to Shamans’ belief, it is used as a ladder during the journey to the underground and the sky.  

The typical feature of Seljukian dragon reliovos is that long carcasses usually extend by making knots and they end at each of the edges and each of the tops. The knots on the dragons’ carcasses are astronomic remarks which symbolize the certain situations of the planets during the sun eclipse and lunar eclipse. According to the mythos, the sun and lunar eclipse occur owing to the fact that the dragon swallows the moon and the sun. 

When dragons are summarized as darkness, undergroundand hell, shortly as a negative principle, they can also be the symbol of enemy and evil. As in Erzurum Çifte Minareli Medrese, the couple of dragons under tree of life was used as both the symbols of hell and the gatekeeper which protects the tree.


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