Atatürk University


Dining Halls for Students

Our dining halls, which are under control of Directorate of  Health, Culture and Sports / Nutrition Services, provide daily menu to approximately 10 thousand students with a central dining hall and eight different dining halls mostly located at the faculties.

Pre-determined weekly menus are prepared after the daily nutritional values (calorie-protein ratios) are calculated for our students and the is served self-service after the routine checks done by our staff.

Our dining halls, which offer an affordable price compared to the restaurants, students can pay the meal prices by using their student ID cards after loading some money onto the card. Thanks to the electronic kiosk devices, students can load money onto their cards easily without any help.


In addition to these facilities, there are canteens that serve hot and cold snacks in faculties and dormitories, and there are fast food restaurants and social venues at different locations on campus and students can find other cafeterias/cafes run by our university foundation as well.

Announcement of daily menu