Atatürk University


The disabled unit of our university aims to create equal opportunities in the participation of our disabled students and employees in academic / social life and to make our campus an unimpeded living place with its physical, academic and social facilities.

Our unit, in line with this goal, determines the difficulties of our students with disabilities that they have or may encounter and then, in cooperation with all other units of our university, they make the necessary arrangements.

The main goals and duties of our disabled student unit are as follows:

  • To raise awareness about "disability" by organizing training, seminars and conferences for our university members and students,

  • To make the physical accessibility better for common areas of the campus such as library, classroom, cafeteria; to improve the standards that people with disabilities can use comfortably,

  • To provide consultancy services for our students' physical, social and psychological problems caused by their disabilities. 

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